Beauty News

Perfect Pairings

Mar 8th 2019

Shopping on limited time? Sneaking a peek at work? We won't tell! Better yet, we've come up with a quick list of perfect parings for you to enjoy. Annika Maya Oblong Blending … read more

Mascara Tips & Tricks

Dec 6th 2018

These tips are offered to provide a starter guide as to what mascara and application method might work best for you. Fill InPrior to applying your mascara, use a liquid eyeliner with a sharp tip … read more

Red Carpet Ready

Jun 7th 2018

Red lipstick has stood the test of time spanning back to ancient times. The meanings and reasons for wearing red on the lips varies as greatly as the people who choose to wear it. Red lips are powerfu … read more

SHOWCASE: Annika Maya Brow Balm Tutorial

Jan 25th 2017

Enjoy a quick tutorial showing how you can create perfect brows in mere minutes. In this video, Sadie Lynne shows you how to create bold, beautiful brows. Annika Maya professional brow balms are smudg … read more