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Beauty News

What Moms Like Best

Oct 13th 2020

Mother's Day is less than a week away. It may seem like a tall order to try to think of the perfect gift for the woman who gifted you with life. One of the many great things about moms is their simpl … read more

Gift Giving Made Easy

Oct 13th 2020

Mother's Day is drawing near.Unsure what to gift? We have gift cards! You set the amount.                               … read more

Back To School Bargain

Oct 13th 2020

Summer is rolling to a close as the sound of school bells can be heard beckoning in the distance. Whether you look forward to fall or wish for more summer, one thing we can all agree on is that back … read more

You spend how much?!?!?!!!!!

Oct 13th 2020

FUN FACT: Today's beauty lover spends between $22,300 and $300,000 in a lifetime on cosmetics and beauty products. (cost range found from various sites when searching amount the average woman spends … read more

Red Carpet Ready

Oct 13th 2020

Red lipstick has stood the test of time spanning back to ancient times. The meanings and reasons for wearing red on the lips varies as greatly as the people who choose to wear it. Red lips are powerf … read more