Winter Skincare Tips

Nov 12th 2018

If you're seeing snow on the ground or drops in temperature, you know what that means. That's right! It's time to step up your skincare routine. 

Cold weather temps are harsh on skin. Combine cold air with whipping winds and the dry heat of inside air and you have a recipe for extremely dry, itchy skin. When the outside temperatures plummet, we often opt for longer, hotter showers, yet this is another winter skin no-no as long, hot showers will further dry the skin. These dry skin conditions may seem like an annoyance but an overload of drying conditions could have long-term damaging effects on your skin.

Lucky for us there are plenty of ways to combat the offenders and care for your skin.


  • When cleansing your skin, be sure to choose a gentle cleanser formulated to hydrate rather than dry.  Dr. Brant Comforting Cleanser for sensitive skin is formulated with soothing botanicals to calm skin while gently cleansing with no drying effects.
  • Adding a daily moisturizer to your routine is a must. If you already moisturize daily, you may need to reconsider the type of moisturizer you use. 
    Lotions are higher in water content making them a good choice for those with naturally oilier skin and/or acne prone skin. Choosing a product labeled non-comedogenic goes a step further as it will not clog pores.
    Creams are thicker and heavier allowing for more moisture to be retained while protecting skin from harsh elements. For normal skin us a water-based moisturizer. People with dry or mature skin should reach for an oil based formula. We offer a wide selection of moisturizer brands and formulas here.
  • We often overlook sun protection during the cold months, yet the suns harmful rays are present year round and while most of your body may be covered, your face receives sun exposure in all seasons making it vulnerable to sun damage and premature aging. Lancome Bienfait Multi-Vital Day Cream has an SPF of 30 offering moisture and protection in one, or you can apply over your favorite moisturizer for added protection.
  • When choosing products for winter face care don't overlook your lips. Lips can get especially dry. Due to their wonderful uses (such as kissing and eating) it's often necessary to reapply through out the day. Luckily there are a plethora of products both functional and fun. Check out our large assortments of Lip Balms for your application pleasure. For damaged lips or for extra protection, try Annika Maya Vitamin C Lip Treatment . It soothes dry lips and used daily, helps prevent dryness and chapping. 


  • When showering and bathing, use soaps and body washes that nourish while cleansing. We love bath soaps from Plantlife for their natural ingredients including essential oils and organic botanicals. The base is gentle, moisturizing, and offers natural moisture retention. They smell Oh So Good! You can find a wide selection HERE. We recommend purchasing several scents to stock up and find your favorite, plus they make great gifts!
  • Don't forget to lotion. After showering, lightly pat body and apply lotion to lock in moisture. Plantlife Body Lotion in scrumptious Vanilla Orange is an office favorite.