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Cala 4-in-1 Pedicure Kit




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The CALA 4-in-1 pedicure kit has all you need to give yourself a relaxing, professional grade pedicure.

Kit Includes:

1. Callus Shaver: A callus shaver is designed to safely remove thick, hardened skin or calluses from your feet. It features a sharp blade that gently cuts away the excess skin.

2. Callus Rasp: A callus rasp gently files down calluses and smoothes out rough areas on your feet. It is used to reduce the thickness of calluses.

3. Skin Smoother: Specifically designed to exfoliate and smooth the skin on your feet which helps remove dead skin cells and leave your feet feeling softer and smoother.

4. Pumice Stone: A natural volcanic rock that has a porous and abrasive surface. It's commonly used to remove dry, rough, or callused skin from your feet. By gently rubbing the pumice stone on the affected areas, you can help slough off dead skin and achieve smoother feet.

When using any of these tools, it's essential to follow the instructions provided with the kit and exercise caution to avoid any injuries or excessive removal of skin. It's recommended to soften your feet by soaking them in warm water before using the pedicure kit, as it can make the process more effective and comfortable. Additionally, moisturizing your feet after the pedicure will help keep them hydrated and maintain the results.