Sep 10th 2019

Oh my! How time flies! It's been some time since our last blog post. What a great opportunity to talk about the elusive creature that is time. Isn't it interesting how time seems to move at lightening speed when you're having a good time yet drags on to what feels like eternity when you're bored. Same time, different feel.

In this modern busy world, we tend to have more on our daily to-do list than one can comfortably fit into any given day, which provides for yet another time illusion. The illusion of time flying regardless of good or bad experience. With time moving at what feels like record speed, what is one to do to slow the hands?

For a start, know that you are the captain of your clock. You run the show. If a great deal of time has gone by since... let's just say... your last blog post (wink wink), you can fret over the lack of posting, or you can look at all that has been accomplished during that time. Acknowledge your precious resource was spent wisely, celebrate your achievements and know there are an endless number of blog posts still waiting to be written. Keep a positive attitude.

In our case, the time since our last post proved quite productive. A plethora of new products have arrived, made it through the listing process and are now available for your purchasing pleasure. We have held several successful sales and celebrated back to school season. If you're not an email subscriber, please consider as you will be rewarded with product listing announcements, coupon codes and more. You can subscribe HERE.

We have unveiled a brand new design to our website with a focus on creating an extremely mobile friendly shopping experience. After witnessing the majority of our customers gravitating towards shopping on your phones, we wanted to assure a smooth mobile shopping experience. For those on tablets and computers, fear not! We would never forget you. With faster loading time, easier access to product information and a streamlined home page, you're taken care of!

(For all of our customers, if you ever run into a problem shopping our site, please don't hesitate to reach out. Hit the "chat" button to chat live or leave a message if an operator isn't available. Alternately, you can always contact customer service.) 

Regarding the passing of time, we may not be able to turn back the clock but we can certainly work harder at enjoying every minute we have before us.

If you're feeling like the days are moving at warp speed and you find yourself feeling exhausted and unfulfilled, schedule in some down time. Spend time in nature where time tends to move at its own refreshingly slow pace. Observe the children in your life and learn from them. They seem to hold the key to living in the moment and making the most of every second. Children also know how to have fun. Join in!

As for the Brigette's Boutique Family? We're enjoying the brief pause between the back-to-school rush and beginning of holiday shopping season!