Wow! Those Brows!

Apr 12th 2019

Did you know...

In Ancient Egyptian Times both men and women would darken, arch and elongate their brows. The ritual served both spiritual and practical purposes. Heavy, dark kohl was used around the eyes in an almond shape to honor the sun god Horus who was believed to take the form of a falcon. The heavy arch and elongation of the brows further accentuated the eyes for an even more dramatic look. Secondarily, it was thought that the dark makeup would protect eyes from the sun, insects and even from infection.

While modern times may have lost the spiritual aspect of brow shaping, the practice of shaping our brows has stood the test of time and is very alive and well. Not so recent past shows brow trends spanning decades with the 20's and 30's seeing women with razor thin brows, the 50's moving on to an arched brow and the 70's & 80's embracing more of a natural bushy brow look.

By the 1990's plucking and shaping was back full swing along with the added extravagance of bleaching and coloring the brows to create a more unified overall hair look.

The 21st century rolled in with women plucking their brows thin and sparse, however, within a short time women could rest a little easier as the ultra-thin brow was replaced wtih a more natural look once again. Moving back to a more natural look not only saved a lot of time, it also allowed overplucked brows a chance to grow and fill in.

More recent trends not only tend towards wearing a more natural brow, some even accentuate the natural brow with a "textured" look. Texturing the brow consists of filling in your brows with fine lines to match the direction of normal hair growth, followed by combing up the natural brow, lifting the hairs and setting with a gel or spray.

If you're an Instagram beauty trend follower, you may have experienced a bit of whiplash trying to keep up with the brow trends of late. With hashtags such as #browgame#browsonfleek and #browshaping trending, it seems as if a new trend pops up almost weekly.

If you're daring enough, you can even treat your eyebrows as an area of artistic expression. By doing a quick search of Brow Trends, you will find out the extreme level of expression some hard core beauty lovers have achieved.

With so many changes, possibilities and options, you may be asking yourself, "What is the best brow look for me?"

That's easy! The best brow will always be the brow you feel the best about. After all, they're your brows, do them your way!

Whether you're a trend-setter, trend follower or someone who walks their own path, we have an entire department of brow products to help you achieve your chosen look. For grooming, you can find tweezers HERE and a comb/brush HERE.

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