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Annika Maya Brush Cleaner




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The Annika Maya Brush Cleaner is a must-have product for all makeup lovers. If you want to keep your brushes clean and in top condition, this brush cleaner is the perfect solution.

With its gentle and irritant-free formula, you can trust that this brush shampoo will effectively wash away all traces of dirt, makeup, oil, and debris from your brushes. You no longer have to worry about residue or buildup on your brushes, as this cleaner will leave them looking and feeling as good as new.

The 100ml spray bottle makes it incredibly easy to use. Simply spray the cleaner on your brush, gently work it into the bristles, and rinse with warm water. The convenient size of the bottle also makes it travel-friendly, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Not only does this brush cleaner clean your brushes, but it also conditions the hair and fibers, leaving them incredibly soft to the touch. No more rough or scratchy brushes on your delicate skin. Your makeup application will be smoother and more flawless than ever.

The Annika Maya Brush Cleaner is suitable for all types of makeup brushes, whether they are synthetic or natural hair. It is also suitable for any size or shape of brush, making it a versatile product for all your brush cleaning needs.

Investing in this brush cleaner will not only prolong the life of your brushes but also improve the overall performance of your makeup. Clean brushes mean better application, more precise lines, and a more professional finish.

Make your brush cleaning routine a breeze with the Annika Maya Brush Cleaner. Say goodbye to dirty brushes and hello to fresh, clean, and soft bristles. Give your brushes the TLC they deserve and let them work their magic on your makeup.