Annika Maya 8 pc Brush Set - Champagne Kisses

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This luxuriously soft, creamy ivory pouch contains 8 premium aluminum-handled brushes with teddy bear hair synthetic bristles.

Domed Powder Brush
Angled Contour Brush
Foundation Brush
DomedShading Brush
Angled Shading Brush
Medium Shading Brush
Concealer Brush
Blending Brush


1 Review

Mona Feb 5th 2014

Worth the money!

The set is put together with great care, and it is easy to roll up to use, and to close up for traveling. The magnets are sturdy.
Sometimes synthetic fabrics can have a solvent smell that linger for weeks,but this brush set does not. It is quite clear from the getgo that the quality is quite superior and can easily be compared side by side to brands like UD. But these have a much better price.
Every single brush is well put together, with a handle that is comfortable to hold on to. It is tight, neat and sturdy. No glue residue on the outside, and everything is immaculate.
After washing the brushes are just as sturdy.
These brushes are not floppy, nor too firm to be comfortable to use on sensitive skin like mine. These are like snuggling a baby-bunny, so no worries that it would be to rough on the skin!
I am Mona, and I can recommend this.

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